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Cove FC Ladies
Cove FC Lynx’s Head Coach Jade Nightingale invites ladies aged 11-14 to get in touch and train with us.

Clubhouse Opening Times
All Welcome
Sat 6th Oct 8am - 7pm
Sat 3rd Nov 8am - 7pm
Sat 10th Nov 9am - 8pm
Sat 17th Nov 9am - 8pm
Sat 24th Nov 9am - 8pm
Sat 1st Dec 9am - 8pm
Sat 8th Dec 9am - 8pm
Sat 15th Dec 9am - 8pm
Sat 22nd Dec 9am - 8pm
Sat 29th Dec 9am - 8pm

Cove Football & Social Club

The Home of Cove FC Seniors & Cove Youth FC

Confirmed Fixtures

KO for away games will be confirmed by the home team and advised by your coach

Tuesday 25th September
XI First TeamBritish AirwaysHOMEMain Pitch7:45pmLEAGUE
Thursday 27th September
U18 YouthCamberley Town Youth U18HOMEMain Pitch7:45pmLEAGUE
Saturday 29th September
U08 PanthersBadshot Lea Youth And Colts Rockets U8AWAYKO TBALEAGUE
U09 JaguarsBadshot Lea Youth And Colts Spartans U9AWAYKO TBALEAGUE
U09 LionsAsh Community FC Ninjas U9AWAYKO TBALEAGUE
U10 TigersHart Youth FC Comets U10AWAYKO TBALEAGUE
U11 JaguarsAFC Fleet Cobras U11AWAYKO TBALEAGUE
U11 PumasCurley Park Rangers FC Tigers U11AWAYKO TBALEAGUE
U12 TigersTraco Athletic Juniors FC Black U12AWAYKO TBALEAGUE
U13 TigersAlton FC Hurricanes U13AWAYKO TBALEAGUE
U14 LionsMilford Pumas Youth FC Atletico U14AWAYKO TBALEAGUE
U14 UnitedHart Youth FC Tornadoes U14AWAYKO TBALEAGUE
U15 YouthAlton FC Pumas U15AWAYKO TBACUP
U07 PumasRushmoor Community Youth FC Hawks U7HOMEMUGA (1)9:00amLEAGUE
U08 TigersRushmoor Community Youth FC Raiders U8HOMEMUGA (2)9:00amLEAGUE
U12 LionsRushmoor Saints FC Tigers U12HOMERectory Road9:30amLEAGUE
U10 CaracalsAlton FC Tigers U10HOMEMUGA (full)10:00amLEAGUE
U10 CougarsFleet Town Colts Youth FC Wanderers U10HOMEMUGA (full)11:00amLEAGUE
U12 LeopardsGrayshott Youth Football Club Dragons U12HOMERectory Road11:00amLEAGUE
U10 LeopardsRushmoor Community Youth FC Ravens U10HOMEMUGA (full)12:00pmLEAGUE
XI First TeamFrimley GreenAWAY3:00pmLEAGUE
Sunday 30th September
U14 YouthSheen Lions U14AWAYKO TBALEAGUE
U17-U18 UnitedFinchampstead FC Corinthians U18AWAYKO TBALEAGUE
Wednesday 3rd October
U18 YouthWestfield U18AWAYKO TBALEAGUE
Saturday 6th October
U07 PumasRushmoor Community Youth FC Falcons U7AWAYKO TBALEAGUE
U08 PanthersAsh Community FC Eagles U8HOMEMUGA (full)KO TBALEAGUE
U08 TigersAldershot Boys & Girls Youth Spitfires U8AWAYKO TBALEAGUE
U09 JaguarsBadshot Lea Youth And Colts Trojans U9HOMEMUGA (full)KO TBALEAGUE
U09 LionsBourne Blades Badgers U9HOMEMUGA (full)KO TBALEAGUE
U10 CaracalsLoddon Sports FC Lions U10AWAYKO TBALEAGUE
U10 CougarsManor Colts YFC Black U10AWAYKO TBALEAGUE
U10 LeopardsHaslemere Town Youth FC Youth U10AWAYKO TBALEAGUE
U10 TigersHook United Youth FC Tigers U10HOMEMUGA (full)KO TBALEAGUE
U11 JaguarsAlton FC Hurricanes U11AWAYKO TBALEAGUE
U11 PumasFarnham Town Youth FC Hawks U11HOMEOak FarmKO TBALEAGUE
U15 YouthRushmoor Saints FC Sharks U15HOMEOak FarmKO TBACUP
XI First TeamAsh UnitedHOMEMain Pitch3:00pmLEAGUE
Sunday 7th October
U14 YouthSutton United Youth U14AWAYKO TBALEAGUE
U17-U18 UnitedSandhurst Town Reds U17HOMEOak FarmKO TBALEAGUE
Saturday 13th October
U07 PumasRushmoor Community Youth FC Kestrels U7HOMEKO TBACUP
U08 PanthersFarnborough Youth FC Typhoons U8AWAYKO TBALEAGUE
U08 TigersFarnborough Youth FC Falcons Yellow U8AWAYKO TBALEAGUE
U09 JaguarsBourne Blades Foxes U9AWAYKO TBALEAGUE
U10 CaracalsRushmoor Community Youth FC Avengers U10HOMEMUGA (full)KO TBALEAGUE
U10 CougarsHook United Youth FC Panthers U10HOMEMUGA (full)KO TBALEAGUE
U10 LeopardsCrookham Rovers FC Falcons U10HOMEMUGA (full)KO TBALEAGUE
U10 TigersAlton FC Giants U10AWAYKO TBALEAGUE
U11 JaguarsMytchett Athletic FC Ospreys U11HOMEOak FarmKO TBALEAGUE
U11 PumasFleet Town Colts Youth FC Falcons U11AWAYKO TBALEAGUE
U13 TigersTadley Calleva Youth FC Titans U13HOMEOak FarmKO TBALEAGUE
U14 LionsMytchett Athletic FC Eagles U14HOMEKO TBALEAGUE
XI First TeamAC LondonAWAY3:00pmLEAGUE
Thursday 18th October
Saturday 20th October
U07 PumasJunior Shots Blues U7AWAYKO TBALEAGUE
U08 PanthersRushmoor Community Youth FC Raiders U8AWAYKO TBALEAGUE
U08 TigersAsh Community FC U8HOMEMUGA (full)KO TBALEAGUE
U09 JaguarsChurt Juniors Football Club Hawks U9HOMEMUGA (full)KO TBALEAGUE
U09 LionsCrookham Rovers FC Tomcats U9AWAYKO TBALEAGUE
U10 CaracalsHartley Wintney Junior FC Hawks U10HOMEMUGA (full)KO TBALEAGUE
U10 CougarsAlton FC Scorpions U10AWAYKO TBALEAGUE
U10 LeopardsHartley Wintney Junior FC Falcons U10AWAYKO TBALEAGUE
U10 TigersHeadley Youth FC Eagles U10HOMEMUGA (full)KO TBALEAGUE
U11 JaguarsBeacon Hill Juniors FC Hawks U11AWAYKO TBALEAGUE
U11 PumasFleet Town Colts Youth FC Vipers U11HOMEOak FarmKO TBALEAGUE
U13 TigersTadley Calleva Youth FC Titans U13AWAYKO TBALEAGUE
XI First TeamTooting BecHOMEMain Pitch3:00pmLEAGUE
Tuesday 23rd October
Thursday 25th October
U18 YouthGuildford City Youth U15HOMEKO TBALEAGUE
Saturday 27th October
U11 JaguarsWorting Youth FC Youth U11HOMEOak FarmKO TBALEAGUE
U11 PumasHeadley Youth FC Panthers U11AWAYKO TBALEAGUE
U13 TigersDeepcut Community FC U13AWAY9:30amLEAGUE
XI First TeamGodalming TownHOMEMain Pitch3:00pmLEAGUE
Monday 29th October
Saturday 3rd November
U11 PumasRushmoor Saints FC Tigers U11HOMEOak FarmKO TBALEAGUE
XI First TeamSheerwaterAWAY3:00pmLEAGUE
Thursday 8th November
Saturday 10th November
U11 PumasSherborne St John FC Sharks U11AWAYKO TBALEAGUE
U13 TigersFarnham Town Youth FC Buccaneers U13HOMEOak FarmKO TBALEAGUE
XI First TeamBagshotHOMEMain Pitch3:00pmLEAGUE
Wednesday 14th November
U18 YouthGuildford City Youth U15AWAYKO TBALEAGUE
Saturday 17th November
U13 TigersHartley Wintney Junior FC Falcons U13AWAYKO TBALEAGUE
XI First TeamBedfont & FelthamAWAY3:00pmLEAGUE
Thursday 22nd November
Saturday 24th November
U13 TigersFarnham Town Youth FC Knights U13HOMEOak FarmKO TBALEAGUE
XI First TeamFC Deportivo GaliciaHOMEMain Pitch3:00pmLEAGUE
Tuesday 27th November
U18 YouthAlton FC Giants U10AWAYKO TBALEAGUE
Saturday 1st December
XI First TeamFleet SpursAWAY3:00pmLEAGUE
Tuesday 4th December
Saturday 8th December
U13 TigersLiss Athletic FC Panthers U13AWAYKO TBALEAGUE
Thursday 13th December
U18 YouthCamberley Town Youth Raiders U10AWAYKO TBALEAGUE
Saturday 15th December
U13 TigersPetersfield Town Juniors Typhoons U13AWAYKO TBALEAGUE
XI First TeamFarnham TownAWAY3:00pmLEAGUE
Saturday 22nd December
XI First TeamFrimley GreenHOME3:00pmLEAGUE
Saturday 29th December
XI First TeamSandhurst TownAWAY3:00pmCUP
Saturday 5th January
U13 TigersCamberley Boys FC U13HOMEOak FarmKO TBALEAGUE
XI First TeamEpsom & EwellHOMEMain Pitch3:00pmLEAGUE
Thursday 10th January
U18 YouthWestfield U18HOMEKO TBALEAGUE
Saturday 12th January
U13 TigersBourne Blades Foxes U13AWAYKO TBALEAGUE
XI First TeamFleet SpursHOMEMain Pitch3:00pmLEAGUE
Saturday 19th January
U13 TigersAlton FC Hurricanes U13HOMEOak FarmKO TBALEAGUE
XI First TeamEversley & CaliforniaAWAY3:00pmLEAGUE
Monday 21st January
Saturday 26th January
U13 TigersTadley Calleva Youth FC Titans U13AWAYKO TBALEAGUE
XI First TeamSheerwaterHOME3:00pmLEAGUE
Saturday 2nd February
XI First TeamChessington & Hook UnitedAWAY3:00pmLEAGUE
Saturday 9th February
XI First TeamKensington BoroughHOME3:00pmCUP
Saturday 16th February
U13 TigersDeepcut Community FC U13HOMEKO TBALEAGUE
XI First TeamDorking Wanderers ReservesAWAY3:00pmLEAGUE
Saturday 23rd February
U13 TigersFarnham Town Youth FC Buccaneers U13AWAYKO TBALEAGUE
XI First TeamGodalming TownAWAY3:00pmLEAGUE
Saturday 2nd March
XI First TeamBritish AirwaysHOME3:00pmLEAGUE
Saturday 9th March
U13 TigersHartley Wintney Junior FC Falcons U13HOMEOak FarmKO TBALEAGUE
XI First TeamAC LondonHOME3:00pmLEAGUE
Saturday 16th March
U13 TigersFarnham Town Youth FC Knights U13AWAYKO TBALEAGUE
XI First TeamBagshotAWAY3:00pmLEAGUE
Saturday 23rd March
U13 TigersLiss Athletic FC Panthers U13HOMEOak FarmKO TBALEAGUE
XI First TeamAsh UnitedAWAY3:00pmLEAGUE
Wednesday 27th March
XI First TeamFC Deportivo GaliciaAWAY7:45pmLEAGUE
Saturday 6th April
XI First TeamEversley & CaliforniaHOMEMain Pitch3:00pmLEAGUE
Saturday 13th April
XI First TeamTooting BecAWAY3:00pmLEAGUE
Saturday 20th April
XI First TeamFarnham TownHOMEMain Pitch3:00pmLEAGUE