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Confirmed Fixtures

Sunday 1st October
U13 TigersAshtead Colt Wanderers U13HomeMain Pitch11:00LEAGUE
U15 YouthPetersfield Town Black Rats U15AwayLEAGUE
U16 UnitedLiss Athletic Firebolts U16HomeSamuel Cody12:30LEAGUE
U16 YouthNo GameLEAGUE
U18 YouthWindlesham United YouthHomeSamuel Cody14:30LEAGUE
Wednesday 4th October
XI First TeamSutton Common RoversHomeMain Pitch19:45LEAGUE
Saturday 7th October
U07 PanthersAsh United Youth U7HomeMUGA (1)09:00LEAGUE
U08 JaguarsNo GameLEAGUE
U09 CaracalsPetersfield Town Juniors Youth U9 WizardsHomeMUGA (full)11:00LEAGUE
U09 LeopardsCurley Park Rangers Buzzards U09HomeMUGA (full)10:00LEAGUE
U09 TigersHook United Tigers U09AwayLEAGUE
U10 JaguarsAlton Youth U10 HurricanesHomeMUGA (full)12:00LEAGUE
U10 PumasAsh United Youth U10 FLAMESAwayLEAGUE
U11 LeopardsCurley Park Rangers Hawks U11Away11:15LEAGUE
U11 LionsCrookham Rovers Titans U11AwayLEAGUE
U11 TigersPirbright Premier U11HomeSt Bernadettes09:00LEAGUE
U12 LionsBourne Blades Foxes U12AwayLEAGUE
U12 TigersGrayshott Youth Sparks U12AwayLEAGUE
U13 LeopardsFarnborough Youth Spitfires U13AwayLEAGUE
U13 LionsCrookham Rovers Youth U13HomeOak Farm10:00LEAGUE
U13 PanthersAlton Youth Bulldogs U13AwayLEAGUE
U14 YouthHook United Youth U14HomeOak Farm11:15LEAGUE
XI First TeamChessington & Hook UnitedAway15:00LEAGUE
Sunday 8th October
U13 TigersWorcester Park Colts U13AwayLEAGUE
U15 YouthManor Colts Green U15HomeSamuel Cody14:00LEAGUE
U16 UnitedEversley & California Youth U16AwayLEAGUE
U16 YouthFleet Town Colts Harriers U16AwayLEAGUE
U18 YouthOnslow YouthHomeSamuel Cody12:30LEAGUE
Saturday 14th October
U07 PanthersAldershot Boys & Girls Youth U7 RedsAwayLEAGUE
U08 JaguarsS.C.L. U8 RedHomeMUGA (1)09:00LEAGUE
U09 CaracalsAlton Youth U9 LionsAwayLEAGUE
U09 LeopardsCurley Park Rangers Falcons U09HomeMUGA (full)10:00LEAGUE
U09 TigersAlton Youth Giants U09AwayLEAGUE
U10 JaguarsHook United Youth U10 PanthersAwayLEAGUE
U10 PumasHeadley Youth U10 PanthersHomeMUGA (full)12:00LEAGUE
U11 LeopardsHook United Panthers U11AwayLEAGUE
U11 LionsRushmoor Saints Tigers U11AwayLEAGUE
U11 TigersTraco Athletic Juniors Youth U11 GreenAwayLEAGUE
U12 LionsCrookham Rovers Lightning U12AwayLEAGUE
U12 TigersWaltham Wolves Hornets U12AwayLEAGUE
U13 LeopardsHartley Wintney Harriers U13HomeOak Farm10:00LEAGUE
U13 LionsFarnham Town Jaguars U13AwayLEAGUE
U13 PanthersFarnham Town Cannons U13HomeOak Farm11:30LEAGUE
U14 YouthSouth ReadingAwayLEAGUE
XI ReservesYateley United AHomeMain Pitch15:00LEAGUE
Sunday 15th October
U13 TigersRedhill Rangers YouthAwayLEAGUE
U15 YouthTadley Calleva Stripes U15HomeSamuel Cody14:30LEAGUE
U16 UnitedEast Lodge Youth HurricanesAwayLEAGUE
U16 YouthFleur De Lys NelsonHomeSamuel Cody12:30LEAGUE
U18 YouthMeon Milton YouthAwayLEAGUE
Wednesday 18th October
XI First TeamBedfont & FelthamHomeMain Pitch19:45LEAGUE
Saturday 21st October
U07 PanthersJunior Shots U7HomeMUGA (1)09:00LEAGUE
U08 JaguarsBeacon Hill Juniors U8 DragonsHomeMUGA (2)09:00LEAGUE
U09 CaracalsNo GameLEAGUE
U09 LeopardsNo GameLEAGUE
U09 TigersNo GameLEAGUE
U10 JaguarsNo GameLEAGUE
U10 PumasNo GameLEAGUE
U11 LeopardsNo GameLEAGUE
U11 LionsNo GameLEAGUE
U11 TigersBourne Blades Foxes U11HomeSt Bernadettes12:30LEAGUE
U12 LionsFarnham Town Knights U12HomeSt Bernadettes10:30LEAGUE
U12 TigersNo GameLEAGUE
U13 LeopardsNo GameLEAGUE
U13 LionsNo GameLEAGUE
U13 PanthersFleet Spurs Youth Gators U13HomeOak Farm10:00LEAGUE
U14 YouthSouth ReadingAwayLEAGUE
XI First TeamRaynes Park ValeHomeMain Pitch15:00LEAGUE
Sunday 22nd October
U13 TigersWhitton Wanderers Hawks U13AwayLEAGUE
U15 YouthNo GameLEAGUE
U16 UnitedNo GameLEAGUE
U16 YouthNo GameLEAGUE
U18 YouthNo GameLEAGUE
Tuesday 24th October
XI First TeamKnaphillAway19:30LEAGUE
Thursday 26th October
U18 YouthNo GameLEAGUE
Saturday 28th October
U07 PanthersNo GameLEAGUE
U08 JaguarsNo GameLEAGUE
U09 CaracalsBadshot Lea Colts U9 SuperstarsHomeMUGA (full)10:00LEAGUE
U09 LeopardsChurt Junior U9 Junior DragonsHomeMUGA (full)12:00LEAGUE
U09 TigersBourne Blades U9 BadgersHomeMUGA (full)11:00LEAGUE
U10 JaguarsAldershot B&G Reds U10HomeMUGA (full)09:00LEAGUE
U10 PumasFleet Town Colts Youth U10 FalconsAwayLEAGUE
U11 LeopardsCamberley Town Robins U11HomeSt Bernadettes11:00LEAGUE
U11 LionsGrayshott Youth Falcons U11AwayLEAGUE
U11 TigersHook United Youth U11 TigersAwayLEAGUE
U12 LionsFarnham Town BuccaneersAwayLEAGUE
U12 TigersNo GameLEAGUE
U13 LeopardsNo GameLEAGUE
U13 LionsBeacon Hill Flames U13HomeOak Farm11:00LEAGUE
U13 PanthersAlton Youth Wolves U13HomeOak Farm09:30LEAGUE
U14 YouthRushmoor Saints Youth U14 SharksAwayLEAGUE
XI First TeamAC LondonAway15:00LEAGUE
Sunday 29th October
U13 TigersSutton United Youth U13AwayLEAGUE
U15 YouthNo GameLEAGUE
U16 UnitedNo GameLEAGUE
U16 YouthManor Colts Black U16AwayLEAGUE
U18 YouthWalton CasualsAwayLEAGUE
Wednesday 1st November
XI First TeamBadshot LeaHomeMain Pitch19:45LEAGUE

KO for away games will be confirmed by the home team and advised by your coach